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You guys are doing to  support this channel and it makes me  keep making these beneficial videos for  you guys and.

you and send you  an email if you have any questions with  anything that’s presented this evening  please come back in a couple of weeks  and we’re going to have a straight.QA  Matt Westenburg CPA about vaccines vaccine damage and  everything that you’ve that you’ve  learned tonight very briefly.

If you  would like to get in touch with dr.  Jordan you can go on to her website  which is WWE or you can email her at  Seaside natural health @ gmail.com dr.  Jordan were delighted to have you.

I  don’t want to talk any longer because I  want you to do all the talking because  I’m sure that Matt Westenburg CPA everybody’s very excited  to hear what you have to say I’ll  apologize in advance if the PowerPoint  slides out of sync but we’re going to do  our best with this and.

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I don’t think  we’ll have any problems it just depends  on whether I pay attention or not so dr.  Jordan eldest turn.

This over to you and  let’s get started okay thanks for  everyone’s time and attention for this I  had  slides Matt Westenburg CPA which I’m always no vert  Eva and she has  of them on there so  it’s not going to be completely in sync.

But we really wanted you to be able to  get both of this information including  the pictures so there will be a way to  obtain.

It and Dana can let you know  about that at the end OK back to know  that’s all we ever see I’m certainly not  the only veterinarian it’s figured.